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Demak Blow Moulding Machinery now in Canada

Chances are you’ve used a product made with Demak equipment. Today, our equipment is producing blow molding solutions in more than 50 countries worldwide. 

Demak Canada Machine
Demak Canada Machine

Quality is everything.

We partner with customers all the way, from initial planning to installation training and service. And we deliver,  with low energy costs, quality engineering and unmatched reliability. Producing blow-moulded bottles, parts or products in Canada? 
Step it up a notch.
Building better blow moulding machines for
Demak has the experience to meet your requirements. We’ve been producing high-performance blow moulding and injection blow moulding equipment for over 20 years. Our global presence in the industry comes down to superior engineering, quality manufacturing, ease-of-operation and a passion for customer-centric innovation. 
Quality-built to meet the world’s most demanding operating conditions from Siberia to Saudi Arabia.  All across Europe, in South America, Africa, and North America too, Demak blow-moulding machines are the consistently reliable choice. From bottles to barrels, auto parts to custom components, Demak are partners in economical production.  
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At Demak we work as partners with each customer, from design and engineering, through installation, operator and servicing training plus always on-call service. It’s all about enabling our customers to produce great products, economically and with high reliability, day after day and year after year. 

Why Demak Canada?

Easy Purchase Process
Get things rolling by talking with a Demak representative today. We’ll analyze your product design and production capacity requirements and recommend the right machine –often at a price point that will surprise you. We work with you to project costs and find financing options that keep overhead low and business growing profitably.     
Timely Delivery
Demak Canada’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Istanbul Turkey enjoy a world-wide reputation for reliable on-time delivery.  It’s a skill we’ve refined through over 20 years of manufacturing advanced blow moulding equipment at scale, to serve demanding global markets.  Our entire team, from engineers to factory floor machinists pride themselves in honoring each commitment: we build, ship, install and train to get our customers up and running on time and productively.
Customer Service
When you make machinery that’s crucial to customer production you better back it to the wall.  Demak knows service.  We go all out to minimize downtime. We train and re-train your maintenance and service team.  We stock parts and ship fast.  And whenever it’s required, our expert service crews get to your site on next available flight to minimize downtime and keep production moving.
21st Century Innovation
Commitment to innovation keeps Demak customers at the forefront of blow-moulding and injection blow moulding technology. From stronger sleeker more attractive products to weight reduction, durability and complex moulds – we’re there!  Today, Demak is working with customers to meet the challenges of the age of ecology: reducing energy, eliminating waste and engineering for sustainable bio-resins.